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If you’re heading home for winter break and need a ride, check out 511NY Rideshare to find a carpool match.

How 511NY Rideshare works:

  1. Sign up by visiting the website:
  2. Create an account using Google, Twitter, Facebook, or with an email address and password. Once your account is set up, you can log in and start tracking your commute to connect with other people.
  3. Go to “Find a Carpool” to enter information about your typical commute and whether you use a specific mode of transportation certain days of the week.
  4. Enter your commute preferences. For example, you can say whether if traveling by car you prefer to be a driver, passenger, or have no preference. You can also indicate things like whether you prefer to match with others who do not smoke or eat in the vehicle.
  5. Under “Allow this trip to be matched by,” search and select “Others in My Organization.
  6. Happy travels!
ALERT 12/17/2021: Dec. 20-Jan. 11: Library Rd. Closed for Leak Repair. More details.
ALERT 10/02/2021: Need Commuting Help? Find, Share, or Plan Your Ride with 511NY Rideshare. More details.