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Petrified Wood
Species unknown
Miocene, 15 myo
Hampton Butte , Oregon
Size 7 inches x 6 inches x 3/8 ths of an inch thick.

Petrified wood collectors will immediate recognize how special
this slice of Hampton Butte wood is. Generally speaking, only three petrified wood sites in the world reliably produce green petrified wood: Zimbabwe 's usually sickly green, Arizona 's incredible mint green chromium wood, and Hampton Butte, Oregon's, sometimes, amazing wood.

Hampton Butte wood is usually only a wood cast and does
not demonstrate actual wood replacement, but this one does. Hampton Butte wood is characterized as jasperized rather than agatized as a result it doesn't polish well, but this one did take a nice polish although it does have small pockets of rot.

Amazingly, this specimen exhibits 7 colors 3 shades of green, 2 brown, 1 white, and 1 dark gray, and is quite busy and intriguing. What process were involved and under what conditions did this log actually come to be the way it is?

Finally, the white veins are stongly fluorescent AND phosphorescent under short wave UV light. Just a couple of seconds exposure to short wave light produces 7-8 seconds of phosphorescence when the light is removed.